Nurture, don't nag.

Personalized marketing is so much more than an email with someone's first name.  We elevate your campaigns with high-performing, customer-centric strategies & behind-the-scenes support to help your team nurture consumers flawlessly. 

Consulting Services

Integrated Campaigns

Say goodbye to siloed, repetitive work, and hello to integrated campaigns that your customers will love.

Have a major product launch or event coming up? We'll help you create an omni-channel strategy that extends beyond email. 

Email & Journey Audit

From transactional emails, to behavioral triggers and ad hoc messages, it's easy to let an email program get away from you.  

We'll help you audit your current programs (if any), identify gaps in the user journey, and recommend where to go next.

Scale & Process

The way we work matters. If your team and business grew, but your processes didn't, it's time to take a step back. 

We'll help you eliminate pain points and give your team tools & techniques to succeed cross-functionally.

No two customers are the same, and neither are companies.

We tailor our services to fit your needs.




Robin Cohen, founder & CEO of Robin's Nest, has built her career around helping companies maximize retention in a customer-centric way. 


Users are savvier than ever, and it's no longer enough to set an internal goal and push a product out the door. She believes that companies must truly understand their customers' needs and desires to retain and cultivate active users.

Robin has spent the past 10+ years crafting complex lifecycle & email marketing programs for both $B organizations and early-stage startups. Along the way she's created best-in-class frameworks for customer storytelling, built out advanced behavioral campaigns, and run high-performing, cross-functional teams. She's had the opportunity to speak globally on her best practices for team dynamics and advanced marketing techniques, and is excited to guide your team on how to unlock the mysterious buyer's journey.



We're ready to help you put the customer back in customer marketing. 

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